Notable quotes . . .

"Are you truly trying to cooperate with the developers?"
- Apparently confused Pinal County Commisioner
Kate Kenyon,  
to Charlie Deans of Planners Ink,
consultant to developers of  the South Village
during  the P & Z "work session" in Florence
March 15, 2001

"By focusing some of the natural resources in certain areas [of the South "Village"],  wildlife will return and thrive."
Stephen Malone, director of Regenesis, Inc., 
in a letter to the editor, 
San Manuel Miner
April 4, 2001

". . . converting 4,600 disassociated acres to urban residential and commercial land uses will undermine the area's continued ability to support the full complement of wildlife species that currently occupy the area"

-  Sherry A. Ruther, 
Habitat Specialist
Arizona Game & Fish Department
In a letter to Pinal Planning & Zoning
expressing the concern of AG&F 
regarding rezoning for the South "Village"
of Willow Springs,
April 19, 2001

"Currently, we're working with the Remington Group to create a development that integrates the people and buildings in the Willow Springs landscape so that nature not only heals, but regenerates stronger and faster than if it were left alone." 

- Stephen Malone, director of Regenesis, Inc., 
in a letter to the editor, 
San Manuel Miner
April 4, 2001

"I believe that our Heavenly Father invented man because he was disappointed in the monkey."

- Mark Twain 

"Their petition is not about stopping houses. It's about stopping open space . . . " 
- Steve Soriano, senior vice president Robson Communities Inc., speaking on the referendum petition to stop the construction of 6,300 houses next to the Page-Trowbridge toxic dump.   Quoted in
Pinal group seeks to block big project
by Tony Davis
The Arizona Daily Star
December 3, 2000

“What would we do with the license plate numbers,” scoffed Soriano, “They lied to you.”

- Steve Soriano, senior vice president Robson Communities Inc.
quoted in
Falcon Valley may go to vote
by Byron Wells
Northwest Explorer
December 6, 2000

Stan Matthews, Unit 15, said . . . . that he had signed petitions in Oracle to block the building of SaddleBrooke Ranch, and that a Robson employee had taken down his license plate number. He later received a call from an RCI employee, telling him that he should request his name be removed from the petition because the information "was all lies."

Unapproved Minutes of the Meeting of December 19, 2000,
SaddleBrooke Home Owners Association #1

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